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Here at Vatellia Life we focus on you. All of our supplements are created with a solution in mind, to help you live your life to the fullest on your own terms.

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We believe in solution based supplementation. Our supplements are formulated to solve specific health and wellness concerns with very customized solutions. We take the guesswork out of supplementation, addressing specific indications and creating solutions.

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Maximum Offense

Attack the day with products formulated to provide the best output on or off the field. Target specific systems which increase focus, energy, endurance, and memory. Maximum Offense is the best way to harness the power of you.

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Optimum Defense

Performance is not entirely based on an offensive strategy, but also the necessity to protect the body from the natural enemies in the environment. Target specific systems which increase heart health, anti-aging, immunity support, and gut health.

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Ultimate Recovery

Often neglected, the body requires balance. In a performance-driven world, it is essential to spend ample time and attention on the power of recovery. Target specific systems which increase sleep performance, reduce stress, and promote overall systemic wellness.

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The Best Lives Are
Lived In the Margin

There is a difference between living and merely surviving, and those who know the difference will actually experience life.

The human body is a remarkable organism. It has the ability to perform far beyond what most people believe to be their limits. Whether those perceived limits are cognitive, physical, or emotional, the mind and body of a determined person is capable of so much more. Some accept limits. We do not.

Vatella Life knows that the best moments are found in the margin of life: the space between where you almost gave up and where you overcame. Our supplements are specifically designed for high-achieving individuals determined to never accept mediocrity. We designed performance driven living.

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The Science Behind
Vatellia Life

Vatellia Life is committed to enhancing the lifestyle of committed, high-achieving individuals. We are the makers of “performance-driven living” and aim to physiologically improve the individual’s ability to achieve.

We are “I can” people.

Always created with the highest level of quality, our ingredients are always sourced form the finest available, understanding that quality input leads to quality output. We believe in the use of natural supplements to enhance human performance.

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Biohacking Made Simple

Hack your body's own ability to heal, performance, and endure by tapping into its own natural desire to perform.

Quality Ingredients

Our ingredients are always sourced form the finest available. We understand that quality input leads to quality output.

Backed by Science

Our formulas are combinations of bio-available ingredients which are used to enhance biological and physiological outputs.


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