Zona Plus: Series 3

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The Zona Plus is different from anything you’ve seen before. It is the world’s first handheld device that uses biofeedback from each user to optimize isometric exercise. It is the perfect addition to any fitness regimen for those interested in enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

An effective new medical device intended for adjunctive use in the maintenance of overall cardiovascular wellness.  Continuing with the proven results of the earlier Series 2 device we have been offering for the last 7 years, the Series 3 offers the same precise handgrip exercises as the Series 2 with many new features to increase your enjoyment.

The Zona Plus™ Series 3 has a bright and pleasing color display, clear video instructions on the unit itself, and automatic tracking of your good results. Staying on track is easy. Other features include the ability to transfer your personal results to the secure Zona Health website where you can enter and track your scores alongside the details of your Zona Plus usage.

Includes: Zona Plus device with color display, Rechargeable battery, Carrying Case, USB cable, Charging adapter, Zona Health Therapy Software, 2 Zona Health Accounts, Quick start guide, 1 year warranty, 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee