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Daily Zen, your stress solution. Crafted with Ashwagandha and Panax Ginseng, it seamlessly reduces stress, promoting calm and composure. Embrace serenity in the chaos, make Daily Zen a daily ritual for a balanced and stress-free mindset, ensuring you face each day with tranquility.

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  • Balances stress hormones

  • Promotes a relaxed state

  • Enhances mental focus and clarity

  • Boosts serotonin for anxiety reduction

  • Contributes to Overall Health



Reduces Stress

Daily Zen’s blend of Ashwagandha and Panax Ginseng helps lower stress levels by promoting relaxation and reducing the body’s stress response, allowing you to face challenges with a calmer, more composed mindset.

Neural Tranquility

Crafted with precision, Daily Zen fosters a calm nervous system. By modulating stress hormones, it provides a serene foundation for daily life, diminishing the impact of stressors.

Cognitive Ease

Experience cognitive serenity with Daily Zen. Its unique blend fosters mental clarity, reducing stress-induced mental fog. Elevate your focus and concentration, navigating stressors with ease.

Physical Relaxation

Daily Zen induces physical relaxation, easing tension and discomfort associated with stress. Its carefully selected ingredients soothe the body, promoting a state of calm and reducing overall stress levels.

My colleague introduced me to Daily Zen, and I’m grateful! As an ER doctor, stress is constant. Daily Zen helps manage stress, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest after a demanding 16-hour shift. Ready for the next day!

- Alyssa M



Ancient herbs, traditionally utilized by Buddhist Monks to attain a Zen state during meditation, have been repurposed for your contemporary pursuit of Daily Zen, blending tradition with modern well-being.



Ultimate Recovery

Benefits – Reduced Stress, Improved Memory and Focus, Relaxation, Reduces Neuro-inflammation

Daily Zen supplement contains 120 capsules (take two per day). 100% drug free. 100% drug free. Gluten Free. USA Product.

Modern life is full of stresses from the daily commute to the constant drumbeat of bad news. A full schedule and hectic pace prevent people from naturally shaking off daily stress.

Daily Zen is formulated with traditional and natural herbs that have been used by Buddhist Monks to help them achieve a state of calm and peaceful Zen.

Vatellia Life has repurposed these ancient herbs for the modern task of achieving your own personal Daily Zen.

Daily Zen reduces neuro-inflammation. This supplement combines Ashwaganda, Ginko, and Panax Ginseng to ease daily stress and replenish your biology after a long day.

Daily Zen includes Cissus to support Serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that modulates mood, cognition, reward pathways, learning, and memory. These pathways are all damaged by daily stress.

Scutellaria is used to support healthy levels of GABA. GABA counteracts stress hormones released by the kidneys when we are stressed.

Finally, Daily Zen includes Vanillan which cools brain inflammation caused by daily stress.

It take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the level of inflammation.

The recommended serving size is two capsules per day. Daily Zen can be taken with breakfast to help manage stress during the day.

It can also be taken at dinner to help with sleep and recovery.

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