Biohack Bundle
Zona Plus + Nitric Boost

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Celebrate Blood Pressure Awareness Month with the Perfect Duo - Zona Plus + Nitric Boost!

The Zona Plus continues to be the biohacker’s choice for full-body cardiovascular conditioning.  The Zona Plus uses the proven science of isometric therapy to improve overall cardiovascular health and increase nitric oxide throughout the body – naturally. 

Using the science of isometrics, the Zona Plus combines hand grip exercise with a series of algorithms to trigger the body’s parasympathetic response, responsible for such functions as heart rate and cardiovascular conditioning. 

It is the ultimate biohack with a systemic benefit.

Pair the Zona Plus with Vatellia Life's, Nitric Boost to increase nitric oxide levels and overall energy.  Nitric Boost creates a healthy cardiovascular system by supporting the production of Nitric Oxide, the molecule responsible for relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. 

When blood flow is optimal, oxygen and nutrient supply is increased, and carbon dioxide and other toxic byproducts of metabolism are removed. The results are you feel better and your body functions better. It is specifically formulated to support the nitric oxide enzymes in your body that otherwise loses function with age.